Yooying: A complete informational guide to using Yooying Instagram in 2021


Yooying is a process by which you can slowly increase your followers on Instagram. If used properly, yooying helps you build a large following without being noticed for doing so. This strategy does not guarantee that you will never get shadow banned but it will decrease your chances of getting shadowbanned. Yooying is a must-know strategy for any Instagrammer or blogger who wants to grow their following fast. You’ll learn what this technique is and how to do it properly with our guide.

What is yooying?

Yooying is when you buy a product using a discount code and then resell it at a higher price. This is a great way to make money with skincare products. You can yooy products from as little as $10 up to $100.

The primary purpose of yooying is two-fold. First, for people who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to growing their Instagram followers. Accumulating followers takes time and patience. Second, people who have more attention span. Yooying allows them to have more of their attention than engaging in lame comments to a stranger. The average person spends 9.45 minutes on their phones, that’s around 3.15 hours of their life being wasted every day.

With that in mind, regularly engaging in conversations on Instagram is not a good way to spend your time. Yooying is not a bad strategy if you know how to use it properly. By using it you will be able to do three main things. The primary reward from yooying is the measle increase in your Instagram followers. This is achieved with several methods so let’s look at them one by one.

Using UTM codes is free and can be done by anyone. Usually, you’ll see UTM codes underneath $10 on beauty products or $20 on anything else where people get excited and send the code to buy the products. There are multiple reasons a person would use a UTM code. The main one is to search it and find a product they are interested in.

They can also use a UTM code to buy bulk discounts on a product if they know that the product costs a lot of money but have to buy in one big batch. Because UTM codes are FREE they mean that people will send you the codes and you can get products at a very low cost. However, these are the perfect times when you can apply a $10 discount to a product.

How does Instagram yooying work?

Yooying is a term used in e-commerce to describe the practice of buying a product and reselling it at a higher price. It’s a great way to make some extra money and it’s a win/win for both the consumer and the seller. Yooying is a marketing strategy that is often used to increase sales on Facebook.

Yooing when used with Piknu or other Instagram Viewer will help you a lot to increase your marketing outcomes.

As soon as you start a Facebook Marketplace you want to start advertising your products. Yes, you need to be listed on numerous sites before you’ll start to see the benefits of having a larger following. I’m not sure why Facebook decided to make it impossible to buy and sell products on their site but regardless, it’s really hard to generate sales if you’re hiding behind Facebook. This is where Yooying comes into play.

Yooying is also used in the real estate industry where it’s used to increase commissions. Simply put, you can’t buy a house without signing a contract and paying a fee, right? This is why a lot of agents and wholesalers will openly discuss getting their followers to sign the contracts that will sell their properties. Yooying Strategy Typically, the best time to start using Yooying is an hour or so before a sale is about to happen.

This is not as important as getting your photos approved but is a good idea nonetheless.

  • Step 1: Create a blank Instagram’s Find and Replace function is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is type in something along the lines of two of your best keywords.
  • Step 2: Select your images. It’s a good idea to choose the most interesting photos from your profile.
  • Step 3: Enter your photo preferences. It’s best to choose an image size that’s in the 85–90% size range.
  • Step 4: Set your photo options. If you have multiple photos—let’s, say you have a travel photo as well as a photo of you in your uniform—you can set this preference as “Travel photo only.

Pros and cons of yooying Instagram

In October 2020, Instagram banned the initial Yooying Instagram App, as it followed a data violation rule. This was followed by Instagram implementing new privacy measures around the Instagram Growth Stack. While these measures were pretty effective, people who want to hide how many followers they have can still use the Yooying Instagram App to their advantage. In this post, we will teach you how to reclaim your Instagram history after a ban, using the Yooy Instagram.

But first, we will give you a quick tutorial on the use of the Instagram Growth Stack. Instagram’s Growth Stack for followers is the most effective way to leverage Instagram. The Growth Stack is the tool that makes the Instagram algorithm work for the Instagrammer.

When you reach the proper number of followers, the algorithm will reward you for every post you make. Archiving these posts as Instagram Stories and posting them allows you to perfect your performance, with minimal effort. To sum it up, the Instagram Growth Stack is the key Instagram tool to use.

Yooying case studies

You also want to target people who are searching for a solution. It’s important to find people who are in your target market and who are actively looking to solve a problem. You can do this by creating a case study about someone who has found a solution to a problem that they’re having.

Generating content relating to your target market helps you to produce more targeted content that positively influences your followers. This could increase your post engagement on your posts which boosts your growth. If you want to grow your Instagram engagement you should focus your efforts on the latest trends.

Trends are the most relevant products and services Instagram users are likely to be looking for depending on their interests. Trending topics can influence your followers to tap into your content and the posts of others or just avoid you altogether. Use the knowledge that your Instagram followers have of the trending topics to influence their decisions about what content they choose to engage with. Doing this boosts your growth because it gives you more algorithmic opportunities to reach more people through your posts.

One of the best ways to promote your brand on Instagram is with a case study. By researching a particular issue you’ll gain a better understanding of what your users find problematic with the existing framework. By producing content and the hashtags used to promote your content your audience can tell what types of things they like and can understand the leveraging of your content strongly. As announced in July 2020, Instagram is introducing new features that enable brands to take advantage of on-platform optimization.

These new integrations are exactly what brands need to optimize their Instagram presence. These brands should only focus their efforts to reach Instagram users most likely to be interested in their products or services. It’s not enough to just know how to use Instagram. Creating content that is relevant and optimized for organic growth is crucial.

How to use yooying without getting banned

Youtube has a system to detect people who are trying to game their system to get more views. One of the ways they do that is by looking at video views over time. If you are getting a ton of views all at once, and then nothing for a while, they might think you are gaming the system.

You need to have consistent views over some time to rely on the gaming system to see your numbers go up. This is the hardest part of the strategy because when you first start getting consistent views on your videos, you won’t always be able to sustain that level of viewership.

You’ll want to find a time of the day that you are filming the video that is best for you, and then just go all out and film your video. If you tie them into a post, that gives the best chance at having them click through. One of the best investments you could ever make is to invest in a drone.

Not only do drones allow you to get great shots, but once you have one, you are going to find that you can fly it with relative ease. That’s because drones are considered a hobby. Even with your 500-dollar drone, you can cut your costs with this strategy. You can fly anything from your property to relatively close distances of up to 30 feet. When you first start yooying, don’t just choose a channel that you know already has a lot of followers.

Don’t just start from a random chat because you know one person in that channel has a lot of followers. Yooying should be a collection of strategic streams that you own and have some personality to them. One of the most glaring mistakes one can make is to just start a new channel just to get views. In the beginning, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and think that because you have a lot of followers, you should be able to get a ton of views, and that will do the trick.


Yooying requires constant attention to your account. It is a long-term strategy so you have to be patient with it if you want your efforts to pay off in the end.

We hope that you’ve found this guide useful and that you’ve been able to get a better understanding of the world of yooying. If you’re still confused about the process, you can always ask for help in the Yooying Facebook Group. What is Yooying? Yooying is a trend that’s gaining popularity amongst Instagram users. Usage soared in 2017 when IG devised a strategy to ensure that the images that users share on their stories have higher chances of being seen by other users. The result is that the percentage of people using Yooying drastically increased.

According to an Instagram growth marketer, Danielle Law, in 2018, Yooying accounts saw an 86% increase in growth compared to the previous year. Yooying is the term used when users perform actions that directly invite more engagement on an Instagram post, depending on its visual characteristics.

Theoretically, Yooying consists of a few different things that make up the wide definition of it: These characteristics tackle the most common reasons why people yooy. The first and most popular reason is people using the post to show off their healthy, or something that they are passionate about.

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