What is Piknu? How to use it and what are its features


If you don’t know about the Piknu Instagram web viewer, this guide/article is all about Piknu and its functionality.

As a social media marketer, you know how important it is to keep tabs on all your campaigns. This can be difficult with all the platforms available today and the sheer number of posts you’re responsible for updating.

And that doesn’t even take into account everything else you have to do — like building relationships with influencers and finding relevant content to share. That’s why Piknu is the best software for your social media marketing campaigns, saving you hours of mundane work each week and helping you focus on what matters most: growing your business.
The 5 most important features of Piknu.

piknu instagram
piknu instagram

Piknu is the best platform for creating and sharing content about your products and services.

Features of Piknu Instagram

1) products are added to a library so you can easily find them.

2) products can be added to a wish list so people can save them to their profile for later.

3) products can be searched to find the right audience.

4) you can schedule posts so everyone knows when they should be up

5) you can share your content to all social media platforms so you can reach your target audience.

Work with progress reports to spot opportunities, such as when your following is increasing despite a vacation. See which post performed best and which one didn’t. Interact with your audience on an internal platform and see what support they’re already providing.

For newcomers to marketing, the platform is a fun place to bring your ideas to life. Projects are shared, graphics are drawn, and ideas are exchanged. Also, meme generation and rainbow graphs simply share your creativity.

Provide together with different groups your products and services so people know what to expect from you. Navigate by keyword, location, or your niche and find out what people need. Narrow down your target audience to learn more about them. Piknu templates can help you simply share your work. Also, you can add the following features to the template:

As the world marches towards sustainability, it makes sense to plan your campaigns to cut waste, make a positive impact, and most importantly: save climate change. Keeping an eye on your campaign’s resources helps you be more effective. Well, and also helps you identify things that could be done better.

As a social media marketer, your job is no longer the same. Devices have increased in size, data streams have become infinite, and people are entering more into your business due to new ventures and investments. So, your responsibilities have multiplied and your team needs to be more flexible.

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Benefits of Piknu Instagram Viewer in social media marketing

As a small business owner, you want to make sure your social media marketing is effective. To do that, you need to make sure that your content is reaching the right people at the right time. That’s where social media automation tools like Piknu come in. With the tool, you can schedule your social media posts as well as monitor how your social media efforts are working.

The great part is that you can do all these tasks from one centralized place. What’s more is that, in comparison with something like Google Calendar, your posts are updated on the fly.

piknu viewer
piknu viewer

That not only simplifies your life, it also greatly increases your reach; a perfect combination if you’re trying to grow your business. We’ve taken the top five social media automation tools and put them in one convenient place. Sweet! So, you better get sorting and start automating your social media campaigns. I almost wish the tool was better integrated with your email, too. 😉 Unroll. me

If your company has a web app or a free e-commerce site, then you might be using Unroll.me. The application helps you keep track of all the different newsletters that you’re subscribed to. It also lets you sort them according to how often you receive new content in your inbox.

This way, you stay up to date on all your industry-specific version of newsletters while also improving the overall productivity of your business. Even better, once you start capitalizing on new tools, you can order them right from the Unroll app. Hootsuite at Pointy, we don’t have anything to add to this list besides to say it’s one of the best tools for monitoring your social media campaigns.

The Migros integration with Gmail allows you to monitor what people send and receive from your Gmail account, and the rest all happens automatically. Sprout Social Even if you only have a Twitter account, it could be making social monitoring a chore.

Why Instagram Viewer Piknu works for all businesses?

No matter what kind of business you have, you should have a website. It’s the first thing customers look for and it’s what shows up as the first result when you Google your business name. If you don’t have a website, then you’re not going to show up on Google maps and people will have trouble finding you.

Social media is all about discovery, so why should your website be relegated to the back burner. Besides, it’s the one place where you can easily interact with customers — imagine if you had to come up with creative ways for people to reach you, instead of your favorite messaging app? Like most businesses, you likely have your entire social media team working on your campaign for you.

piknu instagram web viewer
piknu instagram web viewer

And when they’re done, you can see their efforts in the analytics. All you need is a simple dashboard to keep an eye on With a Piknu dashboard, you can see those metrics like These tell a story: did your audience reach your landing page? Did they pick up any of your leads? Ok, but what happened to those people who left your marketing email without signing up or clicked away?

Did they send one of your retargeted opt-ins randomly? That kind of thing would be a waste of time, right? So, what do you do know all that? Well, a dashboard like this can help make insightful decisions about your marketing efforts.

You could: Showing that analytics can be a total game-changer helps your business evolve and grow, rather than stay stagnant and lose market share. Don’t believe me? Try getting an audit from your content marketing professional. There are countless free tools out there to help you with the task of analysis.

When you take action based on that, you’ll see a major uptick in traffic to your website. Like we said, social media is all about driving demand. But it’s not just the people who read your content, it’s also your prospects and customers. That’s why it’s so important to learn about what those who read do and when they did.

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Top 3 ways Piknu Instagram is better than other solutions

The CMO and other sales leaders I’ve spoken with rarely get time to peruse the business advertising, and it’s usually in the context of calling up the head office to “talk about advertising opportunities at XYZ company” instead of sharing the specifics of how the business is performing.

That’s no accident. Strategy is mute and boring. And it’s a good thing for the business as well as the sales leader. With careful design and timing, however, well-crafted marketing will drive results — yes, even with a distraction-free call — and open windows for future consideration.

In this post, I’m going to discuss a few well-designed places for a company to lay out the high-level foundation of its marketing strategy. Then I’ll walk you through a few ideas on how to flesh out that strategy or add more to it.

Before I get into the ideas, though, let’s just a few myths about strategy.

You need to know who your customers are and what they want if you’re going to get them to buy from you.

I firmly believe that’s hogwash. You need people and motivations — values — behind people buying from you.

Sure, they’ll probably want to pay you more. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll want to curry favor with you, buy from you only from a certain point in time, or like or buy from you at all.

Marketers and business leaders too often follow a model that abandons customers entirely to get more value from their clients.

Think of your competitors as an auctioneer — moving up in the ranks based on offerings and experiences and the likelihood customers will tell family and friends about them.

Why Piknu works for most businesses

Piknu’s platform is the most powerful video creation tool ever made. It’s not just a video creator, it’s a video creation platform. Piknu Viewer helps you create videos for your website, your social media, and your blog. It’s easy to use and works for most businesses.

instagram piknu
instagram piknu

The best marketing is based on connecting what’s best with what customers want. Because if customers can’t find what they want, they won’t buy it. The best thing is to figure out what your target customers are looking for — and then connect to that. Combining this with e-commerce is both quick and effective because nearly every industry is connected to the internet. Anyone can start a store, sell gift cards, sell jewelry, and host a sale — it’s all online.

·       Make video content

Use the video for everything. Video content is everywhere. It’s everywhere on mobile, on TV, on the internet, even in clothing. What if we could combine all of that? What if video replaced text and images?

·       That would be the best of both worlds

Video works on virtually any device. It doesn’t even need to be a computer. It only needs a screen. The secret to all this power is simplicity. A good video requires no thinking beyond the title, description, and a call to action — and that’s it. Put your ideas on paper.

·       Create beautiful ideas and then put them on paper

Use a simple tool to write out the ideas. Quickly put your ideas on paper and scan them. Email your ideas as a PDF or save them as an image. You can even put together a high-quality image or a small video.

Make your ideal tool as brilliant as you can make it and people will take notice. There are many free tools on the internet to help you create amazing images and videos. You don’t need anything fancy. Think of articles and blog posts. Use images and videos. Come up with websites and social media pages.

How to evaluate and determine your target audience with Piknu

Piknu is a great service for getting to know your audience and determining who your ideal customer is. It’s an inexpensive and efficient way to get to know your audience and learn more about who they are, what they’re interested in, and what they care about.

Let’s take a look at how Piknu works. Rather than trying to sell to everyone at once, it’s a reactive approach. There’s no sales call. People can go online and start exploring, then respond to what they find on that site. The opportunity then becomes engaged leads, who become customers for a short time. They can also become managers or content creators who can be more permanent subscribers.

Piknu is way off the beaten path in terms of where you go to find leads, but it still provides a great way to build a relationship with your customers and find out who they are.

Don’t work with us if you don’t think you can grow your marketing strategy. If you don’t think you know where you want to go with your business or what the core of your business is, I promise you will. You will change your mind. Understanding where your audience and strategies are brewing can help you develop creative strategies that are right for you and your business.

People need imagery to associate themselves with your brand. What image or meme will help you to become mainstream and tip your entrepreneurs off to the fact that you’re thinking of them as potential customers?

Have you thought about memes and identity? There is a wide range in terms of the type of image and visual capital that a person may spend money on. Depending on what your game is, whether your niche is online content entertainment or something completely different entirely, creating an image that resonates with your market is a crucial step to your success.

Memes are everywhere. On your Instagram feed, on your Facebook page, and in the comments sections of every article about startups and digital entrepreneurship.


With social media, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Different platforms work for different kinds of businesses and some platforms simply aren’t a good fit for your business. Piknu Viewer helps you find the best social media strategies for your business based on your goals and budget. The best way to create customer loyalty is to give them something in exchange for their loyalty. Forget the price, just give them away to help you solve a problem. Piknu’s platform helped my agency turn leads into clients with almost no money spent on advertising or hedge fund schemes of any kind.

Piknu’s goal is to increase the number of businesses solving problems through the power of text and video messages.

Do text and video marketing have a place in the modern world? With that being said, how does text and video marketing work?

Text and video marketing have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Text marketing is quick to execute and is proven to work well offline. It can be used to build runner’s routes, connect with people via geographical diversification, as well as build relationships through shared experiences. Video marketing though can be a bit trickier to execute right. Unless you install additional content on your site, video marketing will likely be a one-way street. And in the post-pandemic world, video isn’t necessarily the best option if you’re looking to reach new customers. There are valuable lessons you can learn from this though, so you’ll be better equipped when it comes to utilizing text marketing and video marketing for your business.

Lead nurturing allows businesses to nurture leads so that they become customers. Be prepared to invest time, effort, and resources to bring those users back into your system and then have a conversation about how they can take part in your business. There’s no shortcut to conversion, which is why Piknu’s platform helps guide you towards some of your best initiatives to reach your goal.

The platform is accessed digitally via the “Intro to Customer Lining” module.

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