What is Discord streamer mode and How to enable it?

discord Streamer mode

Annoyingly, you don’t just stream your favorite FPS or MOBA title if you wish to enable discord Streamer mode. You also stream everything else, including private messages and pop-ups, that appears on your screen. Although this may not be a major issue for some people, larger streamers with a couple of million followers may feel compelled to protect their information.

Picture it, you stream to 20,000 viewers and, suddenly the private message of your friend comes up with some personal details that should certainly not be shared with so many strangers on the Internet. Things could get messy fast. This is why Discord chose to build Discord streamer mode.

Discord streamer mode is the security device of Discord that changes what you can see when your viewers are turned on. It blocks popups, private messages, and invites that some viewers might misuse. By covering your data, streamers can still use Discord completely in streams – even allowing you to access your Discord server without providing any personal information.

What information is hidden in Discord streamer mode?

But what does “personal information” exactly entail when you say? Below we summarized all the important details that the Discord streamer mode of Discord suppresses during a live stream.

Hides personal information: personal information is such a broad word. personal information. That being said, we apply to stuff like email addresses, Discord linked account accounts via the ‘Linked account’ section (e.g. YouTube/XBOX), any notes you have left on your friends’ accounts (visible when you press the account of a friend).

Links: This setting hides any links that you have created, whether for your own sake or not. Links: This prohibits unknown users who watch your stream from using your private Discord Server invitation code.

Mutes all client sounds: This setting would remove unnecessary customer sounds, including alerts for calls, users accessing the Discord channel and all other warning sounds that might occur.

Popup notification: Finally, all Discord messages can be deleted from the Discord app itself. This unintentionally avoids displaying private notifications that might include sensitive details that you do not wish to share with random people on the Internet.


Discord streamer mode in Discord is a nice function to keep your private life private while showing your gaming skills or sharing your session with the world. When you use the desktop application, you can use this mode to avoid popup notifications, invite the server, and any messages that might reveal your location, actual name, or any other relevant information on the internet. This video will teach you how to activate Discord Discord streamer mode.

Discord for gamers is quickly becoming indispensable. The more characteristics it adds, the more effective it is. The more secure and robust it is, the more likely it is to be used. With streaming still the speed while millions still use it, adding these features adds to the appeal.

How to Set Discord streamer mode

If you stream your gameplay or other online activities, you share the details on your phone. In general, it’s all right, but even when you’re living, things go wrong and facts that you don’t want to show you. In some situations, this can easily be remedied; for example, you can simply refurbish the lobby after showing the secret to a private game lobby. In such instances, details such as your email address cannot be updated quickly.

Being mindful of the possible danger of disclosing details when watching, Discord creators provided a “Discord streamer mode” in Discord intended to mask confidential information, together with other potential annoyances.

Open Discord user settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon in the bottom-left corner to customize Discord streamer mode, then move to “Discord streamer mode.” The first choice to “Allow Discord streamer mode” is to activate the Discord streamer mode function or to deactivate it. “Enable/Disable automatic” will automatically detect whether OBS or XSplit streaming apps run and turn on Discord streamer mode.

Hide Sensitive Information is used to hide personal and account information, including your email address, linked accounts, notices for users, and marks for account numbers.

·       Discord streamer mode will mask your data.

“Hide invite links” hides the invite link URL, but it is only when they are made, and when you paste them somewhere, even in Disorder, they will still be noticeable.

“Disable sounds” disables sound effects, such as those who enter or leave a channel of speech or the silent microphone sound. “Disable notifications,” such as notifications that are listed in a post, prevent all desktop notifications.

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