SEO Tips for beginners: 5 Must Follow techniques for higher ranking

SEO Tips for Beginners

Almost many of us know the SEO (Search engine Optimization) but being newbies to the marketing, we may not be aware of the latest SEO Tips for beginners.

When we have to apply SEO to our website, we usually expect more than reality. For example, you may believe in a higher ranking after you know the SEO tips and you apply.

However, this is common that the expectation, as well as the reality of the SEO implications, are different from the expectations.

Whether you apply a single trick or you are applying complete SEO tips and tricks, you should always make your expectation lower.

Without wasting the time, let’s discuss the expectation and reality of the SEO tips that you applied or going to apply.

What do SEO Tips mean?

We all know that nobody confirms the optimization of a website like knowing the algorithm of Google exactly.

However, the expert marketers (usually SEOs) have experience in ranking a site at the top of the SERP. Moreover, their SEO Tips may help you to rank in 2021 quickly,

If you are a newbie in blogging or marketing, the SEO tips for beginners will help you to start learning what is SEO!

Let’s discuss the best SEO tips for beginners:

1.    Content Optimization (a.k.a Content Marketing)

The most important thing in SEO, which is also known as Return-on-Investment is Content. Google has numerous algorithms for ranking a site but remember, if your content is not good, you have no chance of ranking over high PPC keywords.

SEO Tips for beginners

Content is king in the digital platforms and you should always write high-quality, engaging, friendly, informative, as well as unique content to win the race of ranking higher.

Here is the quick checklist of HQ content for your website/blog:

  • Expressive headline: Must be eye-catching
  • Engaging: Must be according to your audience
  • Purposeful: The content should be straight with a purpose in the thoughts
  • Keyword enriched: It must be written around a primary keyword
  • Must have 1000+ words: Not fixed but lengthier content has a more ranking chance
  • Visualization: Must have visuals as reference and readability
  • Unique: Search engines never ranks plagiarized content
  • Citations and Reference: To increase authenticity, you should provide a reference as well as examples
  • Write Error-Free content: Your writing must not include any spell/grammar error
  • Add sub-heading: It will help readers to understand the content easily
  • Use Friendly Tone: Search engines and users always recommend using friendly words for easy understanding
  • Use short sentences and Paragraphs: Long sentences and paragraphs are quite difficult to read and understand

To check the strength of your content is an SEO beginner, you can use the tool like SEMrush Writing assistant or Yoast to know the readability as well as SEO of your writing.

2.    Find low-competitive keywords

This is a big mistake if you are trying to rank for high volume with high difficulty keywords because as a new marketer or web owner, you will have less chance of ranking.

The SEO tips for beginners always include keywords that are not difficult to rank.

For this, you should go for finding the keywords that have

  • High Volume
  • Low difficulty
  • High CPC

This is usually possible when you select “Longtail Keywords”. To find the best keywords: you can go for an SEO tool like Ahrefs.

Using Ahrefs, you can easily find the keywords that come under these criteria. This is possible by writing the primary keyword in the tool (whether it’s high difficult).

SEO Tips for beginners

In the above image, you may see that for the keyword “earn online”, the difficulty score is 74 which is quite higher to defeat.

However, If I try to find the long-tail keywords, I may get the keywords with less difficulty. Here is the result:

SEO Tips for beginners

Although the volume is not high still, I have more chances of ranking higher within days. These keywords are long in words but will help you to get a more specific audience.

·      Bonus Tip: Make Keyword Cluster for perfect SEO

This is one of the amazing tips for SEO beginners that making a cluster will give your goosebump.

Search engine crawlers look for content that is more original as well as relevant to the topic/keywords.

Keyword cluster will help the crawlers to find your content more relevant. Now, how is it possible?

Keyword cluster means to add some relevant secondary keywords in your content including the LSI Keywords.

SEO Tips for beginners

3.    Focus on On-Page SEO of your website

As an SEO beginner, you might know the advanced On-Page factors but still, you can use the below-mentioned SEO tips to optimize your website at a basic level.

Whether you are looking for SEO Tips for Small Businesses or as a beginner marketer, these On-Page SEO factors will be useful for you.

·      Keyword Placement

You should add the primary keyword to the heading, sub-heading, image ALT Text, URL, as well as in the opening paragraphs.

SEO Tips for beginners

You should never go for keyword stuffing because it will signal the search engines of artificial and uninformative content.

·      Use Heading Tags

Your title should be written in H1, sub-heading should be in H2, while the further headings should be written in the heading tags in ascending order.

·      Add visualization

Adding images, videos, graphs, infographics, as well as other helping graphics will increase the readability. These elements will add value to the user experience as users understand better via graphics.

You can add some referring images, examples, as well as screenshots to make your content authentic.

·      Make User-friendly URL/Slug

URL structure is one of the important elements in the ranking over different search engines. If you have a simple/optimized structure, it will be easier for the search engine’s crawlers to understand what your page is about.

Moreover, the user can also understand your content’s intent through your URL. It’s a plus point if you add your primary keyword in the URL slug.

SEO Tips for beginners

·      Add Meta Title and Meta Description to your post

Meta Title and description is the text that appears in the SERP when a search is done. Like,

SEO Tips for beginners

Adding the Meta text will let the search engine’s crawlers easily understand the intent of the web page.

It’s better to add the primary keyword in Meta Title and Description which some SEOs consider best amongst their SEO Practice.

·       Connect your social accounts

Social media attachment with your website is another SEO Tip for Beginners because social media has a great potential of reaching a new audience.

Not only do you need integration instead you also need to add the social share button at the end of your blog post to get more social shares and leads.

These On-page Factors are the basic ones but there are several other and you can more by clicking here: Alexa Blog about on-Page SEO

·      Mobile-friendly site

Whether you are running an online store or a blog, remember, there are more chances that your traffic is using a smartphone as a device to access your site.

In 2015, Google declared the mobile-friendliness factor as important for the SEO of a site. So, it’s important to make your site dynamic and run according to the screen size of the device.

You may carry out the mobile-friendliness test via Google’s tool.

·      Internal and External Linking

Internal link: The links that move your audience to another page of your site. This increases the user experience as they will find more information about a topic within your website.

External Link: The link that refers to another website just for reference or to provide more information. Just like I have mentioned Alexa’s blog link previously in this article:

SEO Tips for beginners

4.    Technical SEO

Once you are done with the One-Page SEO factor, you need to focus on Technical SEO. What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the optimization of your website technically. For example, Google always wants your site to be perfect and doesn’t have any bugs.

Now, by technical optimization, you can easily make your site according to Google’s guidelines.

Without wasting time, let’s discuss the SEO optimization tips in this phase:

·      SSL Certificate (Http->Https)

One of the most essential things for the SEO of your site is an SSL certificate. Secure Socket Layers is a certificate that is installed on your site and it increases the security of your site as well as the user’s data.

This is so simple to install as many hosting companies provide it for free when you purchase a package.

If not, you can go to a third-party SSL like Cloudflare.

·      Sitemap.xml

A sitemap is a navigation map for crawlers to easily crawl and index all of their web pages. It contains all of your links and you need to upload a sitemap of Google search Console for faster indexing.

If you use WordPress, the best SEO tip for beginners is to install a plugin for XML Sitemap else you may make a custom sitemap and upload it in the directory of your site.

·       Robot.txt file

Crawlers come to your site to check your site’s compatibility but if they don’t find easy navigation then it might create a problem for your pages to be indexed.

To so, you need to control the robot surfing using the “ROBOT.TXT” file. The robot file will control which page of your site needs indexing while the owner doesn’t want to index.

There are different tools to generate robot.txt files for free and instantly like

·      404 and redirections

Sometimes, you might have removed an article or web page from your site but it’s still shown to users. In this situation, the user may come to that particular page but may not get the page.

The 404 Error page will help the user to find relevant data to that page and it must be designed carefully.

SEO Tips for beginners

However, if you have moved your page via URL then you need to redirect your users. This is possible using different plugins and if not, you may need some technical knowledge about redirections.

5.    Off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the last part of SEO which shouldn’t start at the beginning of your SEO of a site. Because this is a never-ending process and you may need some extra efforts to deal with it.

Off-page SEO factors are carried out outside your website but for your site.

For example, link building is although performed outside your website but is connected to your site.

Some major factors are written below:

·      Backlinking

Backlinks are considered the backbone of a site’s SEO. The link that comes from another website to your site is backlink.

This is a great way to increase your ranking because it increases the relation with other sites as well as your site’s image in the eyes of Google.

For example, if you get more high-authority links then Google will consider your site to be authentic.

Backlinking is possible through

  • Natural Links
  • Blog Commenting
  • Forum Submission
  • Infographics
  • Guest Posting
  • Bookmarking
  • Business Listing

·      Guest Posting

Guest Posting means contributing an article on other websites. How this benefits your site?

This benefits in the form of an introduction to your site over other audiences as well as a backlink. When you guest posting on other websites, you can add a link to your site and this will bring more referral traffic as well as have more chance of ranking over SERP.

SEO Tips for beginners


The SEO tips for beginners that are discussed in this article are all effective and useful to make an SEO strategy in 2021.

Each of the steps discussed in this article must be handled carefully and with modern techniques. The most important fact is keyword research because it will help to rank over the right audience.

On the other side, if your On-Page SEO is not accurate, it will be difficult for you to rank higher within lesser time.

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