Who is Kenya Baldwin?

Kenya Baldwin

Kenya Baldwin is a name that has made itself synonymous with quality horse racing entertainment. He is a five time winner of the Kentucky Derby and considered by many to be one of the best bet to come in the race. His consistency, aggression and courage in winning have won him fans everywhere. This article will attempt to give you the scoop on this super athlete.

What you should know about Kenya Baldwin?

The first thing that should be known about Kenya is his connections. He is one of the top trainers in the business. He has trained some of the world’s most promising horses including eventual winners foals Aplys and Prancer. Kenya has also taken part in some of the most prestigious races in the world including the Belmont Stakes, San Diego and the Breeders Cup.

The most exciting part of Kenya Baldwin’s career may be what he does after winning. Many other horse racing systems will tell you that winning is the only thing that matters in horse racing and for many it is hard to see how a horse can sustain a high win rate without taking the step of actually winning. For Kenya however, the answer is very different.

There is no doubt that Kenya is a great place to ride a horse. As he is well connected to top trainers and jockeys, he would always have a top jockey on his payroll. In fact, his long term partner at the moment is Pat Parelli. The two of them have made a joint effort to develop a strategy that will bring in more money from the horse racing industry. The plan includes putting more money into horse racing as opposed to expanding the show.

What is interesting about this though is that they would make changes to the way they select the horses to race based on the information that is available to them. For instance, instead of looking for the best horse based on name recognition or a good price, they would choose a horse on good racing form. It is hard to say if this would make it easier for Kenya to hold onto its current number one slot, but it is worth trying.

The other interesting part of this is that they have started to include some of the top young horses from Kenya into their programs. This includes a 16-year-old South African called Nieve. He is a low budget jockey who has been trained by Sir Alex Comfort and his son Jason. The question of course is if he will make it to the top of the podium when he starts against better horses. The key is how long he stays there.

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