How to see Subscribers on YouTube? 3 Easy Steps to see your Subscribers

The subscriber count on YouTube is one of the most important statistics for a content creator. It shows how many people have decided to support your channel by becoming a subscriber.

Subscriber count has become an important marketing tool for YouTubers who are competing with each other for the first few spots in the suggested videos and search results.

But there is no way of knowing how many subscribers you have, unless you get YouTube to do it for you.

Many People have question about how to see subscribers on YouTube and here are answers with easy steps to see your Youtube’s Subscribers.

1. Log into your YouTube Account for How to See subscribers on Youtube

On YouTube, your channel is your identity and you need to have one channel that is all about you. This is where your personality will shine through and where your audience will learn more about you. If you already have a channel, make sure it’s all about you and your brand.

When you decide to launch a Youtube channel, you might think that it’s a great place to make money, and that’s probably why some people get discouraged before they even set a foot on the website. Whatever the case, there are some things you must keep in mind to make your channel successful.

Youtube settings for subscribers
Youtube settings for subscribers

I’m sorry if I sound over the top, but about 9 months after launching my channel I was in a downward spiral. My videos stopped getting views and my subscriber count was at around 500 subscribers. It’s best to keep a wild side person in your life. One day, my wild side person will outgrow you.

If your wild side person is getting out of control, you should consider taking a break from YouTube. While you are waiting for that to happen, you can start making YouTube videos more personal. While they may not be great quality, they will be more genuine.

Writing personal messages to your subscribers is one of the most interesting and impactful ways to do YouTube well. You can even use the same technique to connect with your friends and family on a deeper level.

When I was having a hard time maintaining my channel, my wild side partner stepped in and turned it around. We’ve been on pretty friendly terms since then and have been shooting a new video every week, and I’m grateful that he took me in his thankful wing.

Using customer reviews is an effective way to discover what your audience likes about your channel. You can apply this same principle to your channel by asking your audience what they like about your videos.

To edit your channel, go to your channel page and click on the “About” link under your channel name. This will take you to a page that shows your channel description and the default cover image for your channel. The channel description is the first thing people see when they click on your channel name, and it’s also the most important.

How to See subscribers on Youtube
How to See subscribers on Youtube

It’s the page where you can tell most of your viewers what exactly it is you do, and also what makes your channel different from others that are usually present on YouTube. Keep it short and informative. You use your channel description to solicit both general and specific questions from potential subscribers. These questions should be relevant to your channel, and clearly answer the questions they might have about whatever niche you choose.

Your favorite influencer, YouTuber, influencer, or whatever you like to call it has a tiny subscriber count compared to the other channels on which they compete.

The reason for this is simple: You don’t have to do any more. There is no physical disk or software computer to download. Individually, the YouTube accounts for the successful YouTubers are incredibly small. What do they have to do to stand out amongst the other thirty-some channels that are there to pump out videos?

They monetize! As a channel grows, it will attract more viewers who will have an interest in watching other creators’ content. But if you don’t monetize, or if you do monetize a little, you may not hit the magical 1,000 subscriber’s threshold that will allow you to be considered as a top influencer.

The more videos you upload, the deeper your channel will go. If you don’t monetize or hit any specific number of subscribers, YouTube will consider you a minimum-length video that doesn’t move the needle.

But if you do reach that 1,000-subscriber milestone, which can occasionally take over a year, that’s an amazing result. Every time someone watches a video by a creator with 1,000 subscribers, that creators is adding to the number of people that are actively searching for things related to the channel.

3. Scroll down to the “Subscribers” section and you will see the number of subscribers next to “Total Subscribers”.

The number next to Total Subscribers is the total number of subscribers that you have accumulated. The number next to the Subscribers section is the number of subscribers that are currently in your subscriber list.

If you have still a question like How to See subscribers on Youtube, then following is another way.

youtube subscribers
youtube subscribers

In addition to Total Subscribers, you can access the Subscriber Hub, which includes a list of all of the subscribers in your Past Subscribers section as well as alternate and additional email addresses for those subscribers. Every channel likes to have a YouTube HQ account, but if you’re not keeping a list of all your subscribers, you’ll be unable to see your followers as you would if you had one. This is another tool that none of us need.

The last tab in the Subscriber Hub is your Connections. Here is where you can find the emails and other contact information of any subscriber who signed up via your YouTube profile.

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