What is ArtBreeder and Should you use ArtBreeder?


As conversations about the future of AI and the workforce are mentioned, the creative sector assumes nothing can change. Artificial intelligence would never be able to reproduce the original creative vision of an artist.

Numerous recent events have driven certain artistic types’ spines into spasm Just the day before yesterday did Fast Company announce that a fashion designer works with an interesting, wild company.

At the same time, Artificial Intelligence company ArtBreeder created photo-realistic images of prominent historical figures which made an impact. Not surprisingly, the images shown on Design boom look amazing and true. But in the opposite direction? art is outstanding when created using computer-altered images as well?

What is Artbreeder?

Artbreeder is free to use, but there are different premium plans, which offer you extra features such as higher-resolution downloads or more playable configurations. All photos produced on this platform are Public Domain (CC0 License) and are available for commercial use.

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By selecting two or three of the current images to mash together with a pair of sliders, you can create head-shot portraits, full-body characters, landscapes, and other scenes by using the online Artbreeder software. You can choose to pick whatever traits from each picture you want in the last image.

It was fun to upload my picture headshot because Artbreeder does not use the uploaded version of the literal photograph. Rather, it recreates a picture approximation with its AI, ready for use in the game. My recreated portrait looks a little younger.


I won’t go through a lengthy guide on how to use Artbreeder. It requires some experimentation, but it can be interesting to see what kind of images you can create once you do. It seems like almost everything, from the type of art to age and more, is being adjusted slider.

How to start with ArtBreeder?

To start, only images in the portrait and landscape sections are allowed. Slider controls supply a range of diverse solutions for you to tinker with; what you need to do is look at the pictures.

Only choose one or two of the Portraits and Workspaces to play with and you can upload any picture as often as you want.

In the pictures, you’re capable of generating new-real and impressionistic faces and landscapes. simply use the “Children” for these; it’s completely flexible and you can “Clone” your files into a new upload and personalize it if you need to.

Choose a subject that interests you’re passionate about, and see how far you can get with it. If you see something that interests you, catch it before it’s gone, and you never know when you’ll see it again.

Each file is compressed, so the copy you see on your hard drive and your tablet won’t be the same. This is the original design, which all children use, but you cannot modify using the Edit-Generation option in the Edit menu.

You are allowed to upload up to five photos total as a free member. To post personal photography, you must submit the picture to the appropriate website (Portrait or Landscape), and then they will be available through sub-spaces. Therefore, if you choose four photos in the Portrait album, you’ll only be able to control one of them, provided by Artbreeder.

Portraits can be used in the work area. Note: Some are labeled as “Aged”, indicating that they produce more classically styled portraits, which is what I expect.

Although it’s easy to build and download new to the model, no matter what segment you choose, you can make as many videos as you want. You are only allowed to use as many high-resolution as you have paid for.

Features of ArtBreeder

·       Create your portraits

When creating an NPC or prop, you normally have a particular idea of the appearance that you want to project. Until now, you’ve got to use Google picture search and Pinterest to find a suitable image. There is no way you will have gotten a perfect match, but

·       Tweak any Picture

With Artbreeder, you can tweak any picture until it suits the NPC’s appearance to your liking. Adjust your 30 different features, such as age, gender, weight, voice, skin tone, and more. Requires no design experience. If you just want an image of a smiling, bright-eyed magician, not of a grumpy young one, you’re out of luck. With Artbdage, what you need to do is change the “age” and “Happy” and you’ve got yourself a grouchy sorcerer. It just takes a short time.

·       Create one of Portrait of another

You may combine two portraits using the cross-and-the cross-breeding element. There are two slider controls: one to let you choose which “parent” images can dominate when styling a portrait with facial features or characteristics, and one for transferring qualities and images onto your “child” images. Here is an example where pictures of Daenerys Targaryen and Tony Stark were combined in new portraits. The first edition is dominated by Tony’s style and Dany’s facial features. It’s the other way around in the second edition.

·       Make your Children Variant

The choice for children is to create three new iterations of an existing portrait on the fly. A single slider lets you select the difference between the current portraits and the original. Here’s an example of three sons of Tony Stark with a slider less close to the picture of the dad. It doesn’t take even a single minute.

·       Simple portrait customization

The third choice to create a personalized image is called “edit-genes.” Genes represent 30+ facial features which you can tailor to the portrait type however you want it to appear. Possibly the most useful function for GMs. See the example below. The portrait of Daenerys Targaryen has been updated with various gene alterations. Just one or two genes have been changed for each new portrait, which takes just 30 seconds per photograph. This gives you a pretty decent idea of what Artbreeder will do.


·       Changes genes

You must use custom genes to produce portrait portraits for non-human characters, such as elves, dwarves, or orcs. You can view them on the Edit-Genes page using the “Add Gene” command. You will check for your preferred look in the following overlay pane, for example, “dark elf.” Not all fantasy races have been covered. It seems like these custom genes are supplied by other members of the population. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more. Here is an example of a portrait adapted with the alteration of the dark elf gene.

·       Creating pictures of the countryside

Many of the above choices apply to make your photographs of the scenery. Instead of editing facial characteristics, attributes like light, vegetation, trees, and mountains, etc. may be changed. There are a total of 21 landscape modifications available. Here is an example of a lava-filled landscape and how it can be turned into new environments. Quite amazing, huh?

Subscription of ArtBreeder

There is a strict limit of three image uploads for ArtBreeder’s free version. And it looks like after you’ve uploaded a file there’s no way to free these slots again. From the point of view of GM, this is a pretty big turn-off. Because the easiest way to create an NPC portrait is through the web and in Artbreeder to adjust images to match perfectly what you are looking for.

You need to buy one of ArtBreeder’s subscriptions to get more uploads. The Starter Breeder is their smallest $9 monthly package which gives you 80 additional uploads. Whether this is a lifetime limit is unclear. We believe that these 80 uploads are per month since you can cancel and re-activate your subscription. A subscription also allows you to restrict the visibility of your Artbreeder uploads and allow high-resolution downloads of all images (but the screen resolution is usually good enough to print the images).

It looks like a fair price of $9 per month for professional visual artists and designers. But for hobby GMs, it seems pretty expensive. If you do not have to pay for your services full time, you may want to stick to the free version without your pictures.

For Artbreeder guys: consider subscribing to hobbyists without licensing to publish the images they create. This might be interesting for many.

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